About the Center

A place that links Westport to the history, arts, and culture of the region A center that connects multiple generations and interests to foster a dynamic community A house to welcome visitors to Westport where they can discover and experience its spirit of place

6459 Main Street, Westport NY

Westport’s niche in the Lakes-to-Locks Passage is a resort and creative/cultural community experience, reminding us of our history in the corridor of commerce, where Westport has been a vacation destination for over 100 years. The lake provides recreation and the Town of Westport is an artistic community filled with multi-medium artists. Tying these together, we draw visitors from up and down the lake corridor of the passage with Westport as a central location. The Champlain Valley Heritage Network, partnering with the Lakes-to-Locks Passage, had an idea for visitor center locations along Lake Champlain to guide tourists.

Westport’s Visitor┬áCenter also serves as a community focal point. Our Westport Heritage House goals are to maintain our visitor center with the help of our Ambassadors telling our history and stories, further develop the building and grounds, market the building for community and regional use, financial stability and fundraising.

We now have a new guided walking tour of Westport. You can access the tour here Walking Tour Westport NY