Using the Center


6459 Main Street, Westport NY

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Westport Heritage House Community, Visitor and Heritage Center provides for an array of multi-purpose spaces for events and activities. With this beautiful structure so central to our town and, with the help of community support lending a hand in our efforts, we have made the space pleasing whether it be for… Yoga, Zumba, art shows, meetings, slide presentations, birthday parties, dances, concerts, movies – the list is as endless as your vision!

If you have questions about using the Westport Heritage House, please contact Medara Sherman at 518-795-4280.
To Use the Facility please download and complete the USE FORM

Hall space capacity: 60 to 130 (dependent upon use)

Chapel space capacity: 113

Use fees are determined by the event. (see guide below for pricing)

Volunteer-run non-profit group, no paid personnel (meetings only)

          From Westport and Wadhams Community – no usage charged

          Out of Westport and Wadhams Community – $15.00

Fund raiser event for non-profit group, no paid personnel

          From Westport and Wadhams Community – $15.00 to help with building expenses.

          Out of Westport and Wadhams Community – $25.00 to help with building expenses

All other groups and meetings, including non-profit group with paid personnel, follow usage fees listed below (Examples to use as a guide for fees charge): 

1) Calculation for one time users income producing – $10.00 per hour (entrance and exit average is ½ hour)

            [1 hour class plus ½ hour entrance and exit = 1 ½ hrs. @ $15.00]

2) Weekly users (example Yoga classes) $50.00 per month for the 1 ½ hour time frame

            [Bargain for weekly user @ $50.00 rather than $60.00]

3) Used for group usage (example-parties or meetings) :

             Number of Persons        Less than 1 hour        1 to 3 hours        3 to 6 hours

             Less than 50                             $25.00                     $50.00                $75.00

             50 to 100                                   $50.00                   $100.00              $150.00

             More than 100                          $75.00                   $150.00              $200.00